iBank2 | internet banking

Financial control centre

Loading of Java-applet of Internet-Banking where client's work with financial documents proceeds, can take 5..60 seconds - depending on speed of access to the Internet.

After Java-applet is loaded and initialized a dialog window appears where you can choose the following actions:

  - Login into the system. If you are already registered in the system you have to enter your keystore file path or
    USB-token, choose required key from the list and enter the password for access to the key.
    Then you must enter password for access to key.

  - Registration. Here you can carry out client's preliminary registration or generation and administration of ES
    keys. To do so press the 'New client' button.

If you are working via proxy-server press the 'Connection settings' link and enter proxy-server settings (address, port, login and password).

Have a nice work!